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Bespoke Strategy for Sustainable Success

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Bespoke Strategy for Sustainable Success

With 20 years of industry experience as a Creative & Business Partner to a world-class artist (hyper linked to bio?), I have a deep understanding of the journey from creation to market as well as business as a whole; what’s works, what doesn’t, where new opportunities exist, and what new grooves get to be carved. I work with you via a mediation and support technique offering and focusing on navigating the business of art, media and entertainment - through wisdom, discernment & connectivity.  This is a synergistic approach that supports the artists, their teams, and industry executives and management in building a unified vision and bespoke strategy for growth.  We partner together throughout the implementation of those strategies and practices to elevate each team member into a state of expanded sight, productivity and flow.  The program emphasizes the importance of preserving, cultivating, and connecting with your own creativity, increasing your sense of fulfillment and the value of your impact to your team, the art you serve, and the industry as a whole.  

This Practice May Include

The Visionary’s Blueprint

Holistic Business Advisory 

Transformative Energy Leadership Coaching

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  • Become a Transformative & Visionary Leader who is both Inventive and Inspiring.

  • Build a Sustainable Model that works for You, your Team, your Audience, and the Planet.

  • Increase Team Coherence, Innovation, Productivity, Strategy, Efficiency, and Communication

  • Know your Numbers, Manage them Wisely, Maximize your Margins, Create Financial Health

  • Understand and Navigate the landscape of your Market Options: Publishing, Licensing, Distribution, Marketing, Promotion, Partnerships, Live Performance, Touring, etc.

  • Leverage Established Systems and Pioneer New Ones

  • Generate Rhythmic Intelligence for Work-Life Harmony

  • Consciously Craft your Living Legacy



The Visionary’s Blueprint: Align & Activate 

Consciously Craft your Living Legacy, Clarify your Vision & Set the Strategy through a deep inquiry & assessment of all points of activation: the mental, physical, emotional, spiritual, social, environmental, financial & occupational. We get clear on the desired destination and we build a bridge to get there while Soul Mapping your wants, needs, and desires in 12 Key Areas of Life and the Strategies to Realize them. You will make a Quantum Leap as you transmute challenges into opportunities, activate new neural pathways and leave with a clear vision, plan of action, and integrative blueprint for success. Allowing you to fully embody the Wholeness of your Magic and step into an evolved sense of Peace, Power, Purpose & Prosperity.  

The Primer transpires over the course of 3 weeks or during an intensive stay on my family’s farm in the Hudson Valley of NY.

  • A Two Hour Intake Session

  • A Five Hour Visionary Blueprinting Session

  • A Three Hour Insight Debrief Session of your Customized Strategic Plan + Practic

Moving forward from here, I can support you as needed throughout the implementation of the strategic plan and practice, or throughout various strategic points of your continued process.  I may also offer any necessary connections within my powerful network of practitioners and industry leaders to contribute additional support based on the specific needs of your project.


Holistic Business Advisory FOR ARTISTS 

Consider me an objective partner who has your best interest at heart and is dedicated to helping you succeed, thrive and grow your business to new levels.   It’s important to be both a brilliant creator and a savvy entrepreneur. In order to experience Self-Sovereignty in business and financial affairs, we will ensure you understand the landscape of your current market options including: Publishing, Licensing, Distribution, Marketing, Promotion, Partnerships, Live Performance, and Touring if applicable.  You can intelligently leverage established systems, and boldly pioneer new ones. Creating an effective business that makes a positive impact, honors and takes care of you, your team, our global community and the environment.



Transformative Energy Leadership Coaching for Executives & Management

Through the work of Core Energy Leadership we cultivate Grounded and Visionary executive and management leadership throughout the organization by amplifying creativity and clarity which in turn increases team engagement, coherence, communication, productivity, efficiency and innovation.  This methodology is focused on getting to the root or core of your challenges by identifying and shifting inner thoughts, beliefs, and emotions that block your success. From this place, you can reduce stress, sustainably connect with your purpose and passion, and experience more fulfillment in all areas of life.  This isn’t a linear process. It’s a highly creative one, with you and I as equal partners. At all stages of the process, you take the lead—choosing the experiences you would like to have in life, giving permission for inner shifts to take place, and providing the wisdom and answers that best serve your goals. I am here to facilitate this process as you uncover your own brilliance and unlock your infinite potential.  Ultimately, this process empowers you to dig deeply, honestly, and objectively into your energy and unconscious thought patterns, to assess who you are and who you want to become. With these techniques and tools, I can support you as you establish and achieve new goals, raise your level of consciousness, and help you open up to new possibilities that were previously hidden from sight. The result is sustainable, long-lasting transformation.

Offerings to increase Creativity, Wellness, & Leadership for Executives + Management Includes:

  • Customized Individual Development Plans that support team members in leveling up into the space of Visionary Leadership becoming more Innovative, Productive, Efficient and Fulfilled.

  • 360 Review and Feedback

  • Manager, Direct Report and Peer Interviews

  • Energy Leadership Index Assessment & Debrief

Examples of Customized Workshops + Programs

  • The Architecture of Totality- Mapping Integrative Whole Life Success

  • Team Growth Strategy- Building Systems for Scaling with Resiliency 

  • Executive Wellness Strategies how to Increase your Vitality and Wholeness. Personally and Professionally. 

  • Visioning & Team Goal Mapping

  • Cultivate Intuition, Amplify Creativity, & Elevate Team Accord

  • What is Energy Leadership? 

  • Expansive Communication Strategies

  • Retreat Center offering through Rooted & Wild, (hyperlinked).

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