Erika Rose Santoro


A Transformative Arts Practice

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Holistic One on One & Team Advisory 


Erika Rose Santoro is a multidimensional artist, warrior and teacher of transformation and healing. As a visionary leadership guide and intuitive creative strategist, she puts ancient forces to work for modern strategies.

Erika partners with artists and visionaries to reinvigorate and foster creativity, improve personal and professional wellbeing, and navigate the business of art, media and entertainment — with wisdom, discernment and connectivity.





Creative Command

/krēˈādiv/ /kəˈmand/

Connecting to the Creator within, to access your flow state at will, with ease, presence and proficiency; and then directing that energy into manifesting your vision with fresh dynamism.


Sustainable Success

/səˈstānəb(ə)l/ /səkˈses/

The Joy of Fulfillment that comes from crafting a legacy of meaningful cultural impact, while building a business that is prosperous and socially responsible with an innovative team that protects your freedom to create and thrive.



/self/ /ˈmast(ə)rē/

The Art of Wholeness, cultivated by developing the depth of self-awareness and steadfast resiliency needed to transcend, evolve and emerge into the truth of who you are; aligned, authentic, and embodied, experiencing your full capacity and caliber with grace, strength and gratitude.




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