Soul Sessions


Creative Strategy + Intuitive Alchemy

for Artists, Healers, Visionaries + Creative Entrepreneurs

Includes Transformative Coaching, Advisory, Intuitive Guidance, + Deep Energy Work.

These 45 or 90-Minute Sessions May Include a Combination of : Guided Journeys, Visioning, Journaling, Energy Work, Breathwork, Ceremony, Sound Healing, Sacred Sounding, Movement & Homeplay.


These sessions are for you if you are:

  • At a creative or personal crossroads and need clarity and insight around your next steps.  

  • At a creative or personal impasse and need support to breakthrough stagnancy and reactivate the genius flow.

  • Working on a creative project and need a partner to heartstorm, vision and develop strategy with.

  • Ready to turn creative potential into creativity in action.

  • Going through a tough time and need support + guidance to activate your own self-healing.

  • Feeling overwhelmed with everything on your plate and need to cleanse your energy so you can feel renewed and reinvigorated.

  • Ready to scale + level up your business and need help figuring out where to start—what to do, and how to do it.

  • Ready to reclaim your power, walk with unapologetic brilliance, illuminate your life purpose, and live it.


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