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Creative Excellence | Impact |Command

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Creative Excellence + Impact + Command

We are all creators.  We create artworks, content, and strategies. We create services, deals, and opportunities.  We create campaigns, plans, and spreadsheets. We create environments, experiences, and we create our reality.  Whether your medium is an art form or the business of it, the excellence, impact and command of your own creative power is of prime importance.  Creativity is the bedrock of imagination, inspiration, innovation, and inventiveness—it is the cornerstone of our aliveness.   The caliber of your creative command, determines your ability to be a visionary and enjoy a profound living legacy for the benefit of you and the world you inhabit. With our new understandings around neuroplasticity, and myelin growth, modern science is proving that there is a clear method to developing exceptional talent and skill at any stage of the game.  What are you doing to develop your creativity, to grow it, engage it, sharpen it and expand it?  Together we work on cultivating your muscle of genius, by upleveling your creative process (hyperlink) we strengthen your ability to tap into the flow state of peak performance, so that you can access it at will; before a show, pitch, speaking engagement or a business presentation.

The Practice May Include:

Creative Midwifery

The Creator’s Ritual

Superfluidity Performance Coaching

Creative Breakthrough

Cultivating Intuitive Intelligence



  • Self-Actualize as an Artist, Creator, Leader & Experience Creative Alignment, Freedom, & Fulfillment.

  • Clarify your Vision and Design a Strategic Plan for Realizing It.

  • Develop a Creative Habit of Connectivity that Nourishes Inventiveness, Grows the Skill of your Craft, and Enhances your Resiliency

  • Command your Presence & Create Boldly

  • Uplevel your Creative Process, Output, and Performance.  

  • Shake it up, Push Boundaries, Explore Fresh Frontiers, Deepen and Expand your Modes & Methods of Expression. 



Creative Midwifery

Is there a new project, work of art, creative endeavor, program, campaign, or offering that wants to birth forward through you into the world?  I can support you throughout any stage of The Creative Process.  We partner together to identify and articulate your vision, what it wants to be, how it wants to feel, look, sound, and exist in the world.  Strategize the processes, practices, people, and steps needed to realize it, from creation through implementation. Move through the noise, fears and blocks, that come with the expansion and contraction of labor pains, when you boldly and bravely say YES to taking up space and playing BIG from your clarity of purpose. Create more protective space around your creativity so that your inventiveness has the room to gestate and fully bake. Together we will develop strategies that will allow you to slip into the maximum flow state of your creative genius so that you and the world can experience the outcome of your Authentic Embodied Expression.


The Creator’s Ritual 

As an advocate for your growth, evolution, and creative well-being, I will support you in achieving creative excellence, impact, and command from a clear, strong, and focused place of deep connection.   Together we will cultivate a daily creativity ritual that will ensure you are developing your craft, honing your skills, strengthening your resiliency, and elevating the power of you singular brilliance, on the regular. We combine thousands of years of ancient wisdom with leading edge developments in modern science to design a customized practice that will expand your experience of your own destiny. I’m here to see you self-actualize as a creator and realize it all with applied consciousness. Liberate the uniqueness of your expression so that you may deliver success in all of your endeavors and leave a luminous legacy in your wake.



Superfluidity Performance Coaching

Stay Connected to your Authentic Creative Expression and Embody your Gift.  Here we Awaken the Giant within you, channeling your highest expression through your Movement, Writing, Playing, Vocals, Teaching, Speaking, Stage Presence, and Camera Work, allowing you to convey with clarity, confidence and conviction.  Wherever you show up we work to ensure that you experience the Flow of Peak Performance each time you deliver.


Creative Breakthrough

Been in the game a minute or feeling stuck?  This is an opportunity to recreate, reimagine, reenvision, reinvent and create something fresh, without loosing connection to the purpose, mission and community you’ve built.  Here I support you in breaking through stagnancy and experiencing genuine growth that honors where you are at, without leaving behind the audience that’s been with you from the beginning.  You get to grow together and expand realities.


Cultivating Intuitive Intelligence 

Creators are often subject to the varying opinions defined by the trends of popular culture, becoming dependent on the external feedback of those around them to know if they are headed in the “right direction.”  Objectivity and honesty from those you trust is absolutely invaluable as an artist or visionary leader.  And the secret sauce lies within you.  The power of developing an intimate relationship with your own intuition and gut instinct is paramount.  If needed, we can work together to deepen your connection to your own Intuitive Intelligence so that you can always rely on the answers within to guide you towards your inner North Star.


The Creation Process





Setting the Foundation—Find the right leaf 

  • Exploring the Who, What, Where, When, Why and How of your Creative Vision. Strategize the elements needed to sustain its growth and development.  






  • Gathering, Clarifying, & Focusing

  • Defining the Mantra, Intention, Purpose, Vision & Goals for your next Creative Project or Endeavour






  • Establishing the Team

  • Designing the Creative Strategy

  • Developing Ideas, Talent, and Artistry

  • Preparing and Planning to Begin






  • Writing, Producing, Creating the Art/Endeavour

  • Edits & Refinements

  • Designing the Visual Architecture (Content Creation, Image & Identity)

  • Marketing, Promotion, Distribution Strategy

  • Crystalizing Vision for Emergence






  • Live Speaking, Promotion & Performance 

  • Stage Presence

  • Media Training 

  • Microphone Work

  • Movement

  • The Art of Live Storytelling

  • Vocal Support

  • Choreography

  • Creative Direction

  • Touring

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