Conscious Art

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Now is the time for the true voices, advocates, activists and chagnemakers who are committed to building a world of Peace, Hope, Unity, Justice, Equality, Belonging, & Wholeness to Rise forth.  This is a space that needs tremendous thoughtfulness, attention and consciousness. I can support you in finding a natural and meaningful way to contribute that feels both altruistic and effective.  It may be through the power of your thought provoking and soul stirring art, or raising awareness via your multimedia channels or advocating and educating around an issue that is close to your heart, or educating your self on how to walk in solidarity with marginalized communities.  It may be through taking a more intentional step forward to create spaces that are equitable, diverse and inclusive and educating yourself on the impact of intersectionality on unwinding patriarchal supremacist paradigms.

Erika Santoro